Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Odd Happenings in Tyria

In celebration of my 100th blog post (WOOT!!), I have purged my screenshot folder and posted up for you, my faithful readers, a fine collection of the most bizarre things I have seen in Tyria. Enjoy! And thanks for reading. I always think it's cool when I see my stats that people have actually viewed my blog, and it's even more awesome when someone comments. :D
Holographic Scarlet mini does NOT follow you around!
Quaggans have taken over this fountain in D.R. Maybe they're on vacation?
The elusive 3-tailed dolphin sticks its head in the sand.
Apparently a nice footrub can bring you back from the dead.
The Dead End - Divinity's Reach
I'm finding places that were added in old patches. Recognize this? 

Who is Karopek the Fierce?

Uh-oh. I say "Leave" is a good option. :)

Good song!
Lots of singing in Tyria. :)
Um, guys, you might wanna clear outta da bar. It's on fire. Just sayin'.

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  1. Yay! Grats on 100! Yeah I love that bar, sometimes I go there, sit at one of the tables and drink a Bottle of Wine or a Stein of Ale. Also, if you want some more singing, there's an event near Moriarity's Hold in Bloodtide Coast where a pirate starts singing when he gets back to camp after the event is done.