Saturday, November 9, 2013

Playing Lots More

I'm happy to say I haven't blogged in several days because I've been playing too much! I've gotten back into the swing of things and I'm thoroughly enjoying the new content, Hallowe'en events, playing on alts, and chatting with old friends.
A big shout-out to Tenvaras! So stoked to hear from you again! Can't wait for us to have time to play together.
Also, hello and hugs to Dezi & Pol, Chazdy and Dogmatichades, my long-time gaming buddies.
And high-fives and headbutts to the members of Forbidden, who have graciously and innocently offered to take me into their guild. I have spared them my insanity for now, not because I don't want a new group of folks to torture, but because I don't yet feel I would be a benefit to a guild.

Going to just pop up some screens I've taken over the last week or two to fill you in on my shenanagins, then I'm heading out to work. Need to make money to buy Gems! Damn store has too many shinies I want. :D

Forsaken Fortune -- mini dungeon. Really neat! That's Garrvin, the NPC who takes you in.

Still having a few graphics issues. *sigh*

Played a lot of Mad King's Labyrinth for achieves, especially once they started giving PvP points. That's my necro, Mistress Madheart.

Have been catching up on my personal story too! This is a largos I met. Strange creature.
For some reason, I was obsessing over the fact that she was wearing armor underwater. Was it made of coral? Why didn't she sink? And why did she sound German? 

Spiral and the Tower of Nightmares. Love the Living World concept of GW2.

Spiral dressed up for Hallowe'en. Dat cleavage! :D
My first dungeon run with Forbidden!
Yeah, they said it was supposed to look like this. I only died like five times. So proud. *snort*

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