Monday, October 28, 2013

I Need Level 400 Soup of Healing

I'm sick. Ugh. Have a nasty cold and it's dragging me down. :(
But I've still had some time to play GW2 while I'm hacking up Globs of Globby Goo. I actually really enjoyed playing on Griseldaj in the Norn newbie zone and doing her personal story. It's strange to see the lower zones so empty though. I'd be jogging about in the snow, slaughtering innocent wildlife, and then realize that I hadn't seen another real player since I left Hoelbrak. Quite a contrast to opening weekend, to be certain.
But alas, Griseldaj is nor more. She was deleted quite unceremoniously when she reached Level 10 in her storyline and I got a Black Lion Key. Figured it was time to move an Ele! Heh heh. Yeah, I made a little human Ele dude and started doing lowbie quests again, just for kicks, and also partially because I think I don't have the energy for much more than helping Farmer Jeb.
There was an ulterior motive though. I saw a screenshot of this strange place in Divinity's Reach and I was confused cuz I had never been there. It was a big crystal eagle thingy covering a hole. Then my brain clicked in and I went, "Oh, they fixed the Great Collapse!!" I was super excited to go see, so I took my newbie toon over to check it out.
Crown Pavilion at night.
It was so awesome to be back in D.R. That city is goddamn beautiful. I kinda wish it was the main hub of the game, because I just love the ways the buildings rise above you and the streets undulate and the cool secret corners you can find. And the Royal Garden. Oh, and the fish tanks near the bank! And the big music-making carnival thing. And ... everything. Love that city.
And it was even more awesome to see the Crown Pavilion. So beautiful. The virtual architects did a great job, although I was slightly disappointed that I couldn't find a way down into the hole. (Um, that's what he said? Nyuk nyuk!)
It's back into the game for my sorry soul. I have been bolstered by pea soup, hot chocolate, and pseudoephedrine! Time to play. :)

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