Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Do Not Adjust Your TV Set

This is not a test. This is an actual post by the one and only, Spiral!

Spiral & Dezi Reunited
Just a quick note before I drag my butt off to bed: I was back in Tyria today! OMG, when the music started up on the char select screen, I nearly wept. It brought back so many fond memories. I loaded into The Grove and was overwhelmed with gifts and information and updates and heralds and a big feeling of noobishness.

Of course, who did I whisper first? Dezi, my girl! She almost immediately hopped on an alt and came to the Grove to dance with me. :)

I'm hoping to have some time to game this weekend. I've missed the game, but even more so I've missed my friends. It's gonna take some time for me to get up to speed though. I can't even remember how to teleport, or what karma is for, and then there's the new wallet thing, and I guess Magic Find is no longer a stat, and my bags are full of Xmas stuff and ice cream, and I just KNOW I haven't a clue how to mesmer anymore! But it will be fun to relearn, of that I'm certain.
Hope to see you again soon, fellow Tyrians. Spiral out!

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