Monday, November 25, 2013

Bloggity Blog Blog Can't Think of a Headline

I hope he's not mad I killed his buddies.
I've been forcing myself to go into the level 80 areas and finish up my missing POIs, vistas and skill points. I hate it! It's so violent down there. I'm such a pansy.  :)

But I have accomplished several things including making it to the entrance of Arah. Trust me, that's no mean feat when you're on your own with only your clones to protect you. Thank goodness for that skill that creates a clone when I dodge. Saves my leafy butt!

I helped out at the Lyssa event, but I don't know why. I had heard the Orr armor and stuff was awesome, but I didn't find it that great. I have mismatched pieces of exotic gear that seem to be just as good. But then again, I'm not nitpicky about that stuff. Never was a big fan of that end-game fascination with two or three points.

Have also been doing the Tower of Nightmares event, but in a modified way. I gather up 30 Pristine Toxic Spores in the regular world, then go to Dee and trade them in for the three pieces of the key to make one Tri-Color Key. Then I port up to the 3rd floor of the tower and wait for a zerg to get me to the top. I get my big chest rewards and then dive off. Still hate that place though. Just hoping to get some nice drops from the chest, that's all. Got my mini Krait dude.

One other thing that gave me an above-average sense of elation was that I unlocked my second Abyss dye. Okay, I'll admit I freaked out and tried to explain to my non-gaming man-friend that it was like winning the mini-lottery of the game. So then I sold it and felt all rich because I had 51 gold in my bank. Woot! I go off bragging to my buddy, Pol, and he is all impressed with me, cuz he's such a super-nice guy, and then proceeds to modestly tell me that he made 400 gold selling his hoarded junk. Oh. 400, eh? Huh. Okay. (I felt silly for my puny 50! But whatever, it's more money than I've ever had in game.)

I'm drawing a blank on all the other stuff that I've been up to lately, so I'm just going to go through my screens folder and posts up pics. I think I need more coffee. And breakfast. Maybe a nice omelet or some waffles.

I found a dude in the pirate cave in Lion's Arch that gave me some thinga-mah-jobbie to go to the Hall of Monuments. I was super excited! I didn't think you could go there unless you had Eye of the North. But of course, no one there would give me anything. In fact, I think I recall them saying I wasn't a hero or something. Pffft. 

How could I forget to talk about Lazuli! She's my ranger. Isn't she freaking adorable?

I bet on the races! I remember waaay back I noticed the race track that was set up in L.A., and I wondered what kind of races would be going on there. Pretty cool to see it implemented, even though it's gambling. I suppose, the Mystic Forge is also gambling in a sense, right? It's all about the hook.

That's Spiral down there on the vista. This is in the Cursed Shore. I think. *frown* Or not. Meh, dunno. It's pretty though, isn't it? I love the artistic style of this game. 

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