Monday, May 7, 2012

Respecting and Disrespecting the Dead

Spiral doing some light reading
Arena Net blog posted a round up of reviews of the first GW2 Beta Weekend. It was nice to read some other people's perspectives on the weekend, and a great playback of the fun I had in-game.
I was reminded by Justin Olivetti over at Massively about one of my favourite discoveries in my explorations of Tyria. I found a graveyard and every single tombstone had an epitath. And there were quite a few; it was no small graveyard! I clicked on a bunch and was highly amused and impressed. Justin did the same and posted his Top 10 Favorites here.
As for me, I only read a small sampling, but this one made me smile enough to warrant a screenshot.

I'm wondering who thought of the names on these tombstones,
and perhaps if they are in some way connected to the names of GW2 developers.

There's just something awesome about a gaming company that remembers to have fun, even if it is at the expense of the dearly deceased.

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