Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Graphics Resolution in GW2 (beta)

I went in the second open beta test yesterday, a stress test, and had a blast touring around in the Norn area on my ranger, Vixyn.
I have tons to post about but I thought I'd start with something that a lot of people seem to be wondering about: What does the game look like?
Well, it's FREAKING GORGEOUS. Yeah. That deserves caps!
I'm not the only one who thinks so. I read some great comments in local chat yesterday:
"Hello again, GW2. Nice to see you looking so beautiful."
"I want to make love this game."
"Gosh darnnit, this game is so freaking purdy."

So to give you a technical view of the game, I took a few screenshots at various levels of graphics resolutions. These are just for you to compare the different settings. The actual glorious awesomeness of the artwork in the game can be seen, well, basically anywhere you go. I could post millions of screenshots showing that! But I won't spoil it for you. All I'm gonna say is get in the damn game already and see for yourself!

Performance resolution setting, the lowest pre-set

Balanced resolution setting
Best resolution setting, the highest pre-set
This kinda feels like one of those "find what's different" games! In-game I noted the shadows, lighting and textures the most when switching between resolutions.
Of course, there are customizable settings for resolutions as well. These are just the three pre-sets. And actully, the pre-sets are on a slider bar, and I believe there are settings between these three as well.

For my personal computer specs, to those who care:
Intel Pentium E5700 Dual-Core CPU
Mobo Intel G41M-P26
Radeon HD 4350 512 MB

Obviously not the greatest setup, but I'm taking donations for upgrades.  Kidding!  :)

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