Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend Mad Fun

Raelyn Lightfoot provided a nice warm fire for our lane.
My weekend was mostly spent with a certain buxom and bootilicious metal lady. Yup, I'm talking The Original Rump Shaker, The First Lady of Metal, Bend-Over-I'll-Show-You-An-Oil-Change, Miss High-Kicking Marionette. I must have done that fight, oh, eight times over the past two days. Not bad actually, considering it's every two hours. I could have done more! More, I tell you!

Marionette is another one of those places where you get to observe the population of Tyria in all their glory. I've noticed several things while chillin' in mah lane waiting for The Clanking Skank.
1. Racial distribution. Of the 20 to 25 peeps holding the line, there are usually only one or two of each of the non-humanoid races (Asura, Sylvaria, Charr) and the rest are humanoids (Norn and human).
2. Everyone looks great in black Abyss.
3. No one likes a brag-linker. You know those dudes who link up every legendary item they own in map chat? Yeah, don't do that.
4. Everyone loves Quaggan movies! Return of the Quaggan. The Quaggan of Wall Street. The Silver Quaggan Playbook.
5. Positive and negative reinforcement occurs in roughly equal proportion in map chat. ("Good try, everyone! We'll get it next time!" and "You guyz sukk. Your all N00bs. This server is FAIL.")
6. Everything's more fun when you can dance!

The lovely girl on the left started a dance party. In the end, almost the entire lane was in the groove! :)

This strange creature showed up to fight Marionette.

Me kicking watchwork butt in the golem suit. Aw yeah! 
View from Griffonrook Run end chest.
Lornar's Pass is certainly getting some love from all the players waiting for event. The zone is stuffed to the gills with people all the time. I imagine the prices of iron, seasoned wood and soft wood have gone down quite a bit in the TP. 
Me, I've done the JP plus the two diving goggles locations, as well as finished some Slayer achievements.

I also went on my first Twilight Arbor Aetherblade Path run. Well, kinda. I joined a PUG through LFG and they were already part-way through it. It was a hot mess. I died so many times on the last boss. I felt awful. The only redeeming thing was the fact that one other party member died more than me, and they refused to rez him after a few times cuz he was completely useless. Didn't get any screenshots because I was too busy getting electrocuted. I would like to officially thank Peeled Potato and Keysoh from Sea of Sorrows for being so kind to me, and even taking the time to escort me to a few Aetherblade Chests at the end.
Got a cool staff from the Mystic Toilet.

In between mostly-losing battles, space-bar-breaking jumping puzzles, and having my heart restarted in TA, I also had time to do some crafting, retrait Spiral (again), level Mousekin to 60, get my butt kicked in PvP, and even spend some time in Real Life baking coconut cookies and watching interesting movies recommended by Imgur. All in all, a wonderful weekend. I hope yours was good too!

Did you know that one of the GW2 servers is named after a player? It's a bit of a sad story though. He died before the game was released. His name was Roger "OldRoar" Rall. You can read the story at the Sanctum of Rall website.

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  1. Now try doing Griffonrook Run with the bomb, that's where the real fun is at =-P.