Friday, April 18, 2014

April is Exciting

Figured it was about time for another fascinating blog post from moi. :)

Totally had a blast on April's Fools with the Bobble Heads. Spent a solid hour in Vigil Keep laughing at the folks there, using up my Mystery Potions, and dancing my bobbley-head off.
Loved this guy! You can see me and my little bobble-head to the left of him.

Whatchoo looking at?
Spent most of the beginning of April, pre-Feature Pack, farming BL keys to try to get enough Black Lion scraps to buy the Tormented Focus skin before the price went up. I was successful, but only because of my darling friend, Dezi, who taught me how to farm BL keys properly. Thanks so much, girlfriend. :)
I also tried to focus on making gold, but when I got more than 100, I ended up just getting discouraged at the wasted time. So I spent it all. I actually spent 20g buying a complete stranger a Makeover Kit because he hated his hair. Random act of kindness, courtesy of 2am boredom. He was very pleased with his new look. I made his day, I guess. I spent the rest of Cultural Armor for Spiral and Whispers Armor for Mistress. Don't they look fab?
Mistress Madheart in her dom gear. ;) I'm still wearing the T2 legs vines.
Probably will never give them up.
I love the idea that Spiral is barefoot.
You'd never know that purple is my favourite colour. :D
Playing on a toon named Mistress, with a guild tag of [bAd], and an outfit like that, I do get some pervs whispering me. Sometimes I play along; sometimes I tell them to shove off. Had a hilarious conversation with an overeager admirer the other night and yanked his chain talking about the "exquisite pleasure of sex, love and power". Heh heh. I'm a dominatrix, but only in the sense that I enjoy messing with people's heads. Mental S&M.

Anyhoo, the Feature Patch came and there was no more time for shenanigans. I got 465 unidentified dyes. Only opened 215 and left a stack for later. Unlocked 12 new colours, which is impressive considering how close I am to finished the entire dye set. Still don't have Celestial. Grrr. Simple white just won't do. *stomps foot and pouts*
Found my inner rage-quitter with the implementation of the megaserver, but so far have managed to vent enough steam on the forums to prevent myself from actually quitting. I hate hate HATE the megaserver idea. I love Yak's Bend. I love the people, I love the personality of the server, I love being alone in Lornar's Pass. I don't want to be mixed in with jerks from other worlds. I'm a gamer. I'm anti-social. Duh!
However, I love the new wardrobe, even though it makes me feel my time and effort are all for naught. The people who play this game from now on have it so easy, and they won't understand the struggles we went through in the beginning to get that perfect look. (Sounds like "kids these days have no respect!" I'm getting old, eh?)
Spiral got a full wardrobe makeover, and Mistress finally gets her Abyss colour. Put a blindfold on her to incite more entertaining late-night conversations.
Is she dom or sub now? This is a mixed armor set.
Going with gold and white for now, just to stand out.
May the Six bless Dulfy again for her Wardrobe Guide. Go there now and get your fashion on!

I've been spending some time in The Edge of the Mists and Eternal Battlegrounds,  having fun running with the zerg. The new dailies and monthlies are irritating because they're forcing me to do stuff I don't usually do, but sometimes change is good. And also inevitable, so there is that. 

Screenshot dump for ya. See you in game, friends. :)
Flaxi fought this Charr for that magnificent Roast Yak on a Stick.

Found this mystical seal in a cave in Harathi Hinterlands. Anyone know where it goes?

Scared myself with my own alt!

The Grawl worship me! How sweet. :)

I am light. I push back the darkness. I am a child of the universe.

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