Saturday, April 28, 2012

Beta Screenshots for You

Played till 5:30 am. Went to sleep happy but wishing I could stay up longer. Only posting quick screens for you, faithful readers, as I eat my peanut butter oatmeal, make a mocha latte and head back into Tyria! Hope to see you there!
Creating Mousekin, my Charr Guardian

Spiral viewing Divinity's Reach
Remember to look up from combat every now and then and see how pretty this game is.
And this is not even on high graphics settings. :)

Spiral, human Ele, tossing lightning into an event!
Vixyn, Norn female, in starting zone.
Spiral exploring hidden corners of a mill. Kitty was rolling on the bed, so cute!

Spiral in Divinity's Reach, beautiful noble gardens with moving planets.
Spiral in Divinity's Reach at night. Still gorgeous!
(The city, not Spiral. Well, okay, yeah, she's gorgeous too, thanks for noticing! Hee hee!)

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